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personal protection
    • Set off silent alarm
    • Quick location of the alarm transmitter
    • Home Localization
    • No GSM/WLAN coverage necessary
    • Easy to install
    • Long battery life
            The alarms are transmitted to Swissphone's SOS portal. Access to the SOS portal is via web browser. Alarms and the position of the alarm transmitter are immediately visible. Escalation of the alarm via email, SMS.
            Intelligent emergency call resolution
            Fast alerting in emergency situations. Transmission of manual alarms at the push of a button or automatically with Mandown Sensor. Data is reliably transmitted via a mesh radio system in buildings, cellars and tunnels.
            Special solutions for Motorola radios
            Options Boards for DMR devices of the series DP and DM.
            Mandown, selective call, inhouse localization with
            Beacon transmitter in SIM frequency band.
            Hardware and Software development
            Do you use sophisticated electronic products?
            We develop hardware and software for customer specific applications.
            Especially in the fields of communication and industry.

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