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The K-TERM 72 beacon is used to localize people and objects in buildings. The beacon is sending position data in defined time intervals. The detection range is adjustable with variable power setting. The beacon signals are received and detected by receiving modules like the K-TERM 44 BRMD option board.
Power supply
There are different possibilities to supply current to the beacon:
  • Battery, 19Ah operational for up to 2 - 3 years. The battery life depends on the settings (adjusted transmitting power, transmission interval).
  • External power supply with 1.5 m cable and connection power plugs. There are two different power plugs available:
         - Circular connector (case is no longer IP67 save).
         - IP67 Connector.
  • PoE power with integrated PoE module. The power is supplied via LAN cable. The case is not IP67 save.
Verify operation
The fast an precise localization of a person may help to save the live of a person in need. In order to ensure the functionality and operation of a beacon, the following tools are available:
  • The beacon can be programmed to send status information on a service channel. A beacon receiver detects these status messages and is transferring this information to a controlling program. An alarm is triggered on low battery or no functionality.
  • If a PoE module is used, the status of the beacon can be transferred via LAN to a controlling program.
The controlling program reports faulty beacons an low battery levels.
The electronic board and the battery are housed in a polycarbonate case. It is IP67 save and  is protected with standard IK7. The case is wall mounted with 4 screws. The screws are not accessible when the case is closed. The electronic board is mounted inside the top cover and can be completely detached from the case body. If required, the case can be secured with 4 security screws against unauthorized opening.

The range of a beacon depends on the adjusted power level and the position the beacon is installed (0,5m to 35m)

TX power
ISM Band 868/916 MHz
from -28 to 11dBm
-25° C to 85° C
11,2 x 8,0 x 6,0 cm
300 g (with Battery)
K-TERM 72 Beacon Transmitter 868MHz with Battery 19Ah
K-TERM72 Beacon Transmitter 916MHz with Battery 19Ah
Replacement Battery 19Ah
Programming Box
On demand, PoE board, special funtionalities.
For highest mechanical demands, case IK10 is available (IP55).
Adjusting parameters
For configuring and reprogamming the K-TERM 72, the K-TERM CPS program together with an external programming box is required.
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