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The K-TERM 44 option board is installed in Motorola radios. There are different versions available with man down sensor and beacon receiver for in-house-localization.
For Motorola Radios
The K-TERM 44 option board can be installed into the following radio units:
Portable radios: DP440x, DP460x, DP480x, DP3441* (e devices included)
Mobile radios: DM440x(e), DM460x(e)*
*EMEA radio types. For corresponding radio model types in other regions, please see document: „K-TERM 44 Option Board Support for different radio models and regions.pdf“.
Beacon Receiver Version
The K-TERM 44 BRMD version is equipped with a beacon receiver module and man down sensor. This version includes all man down functionality (see above) and detected beacons are reported to the base. Depending on the radio system, optimization techniques are used to transport data efficiently to the base. In case of an emergency, the last three beacon positions are sent to the base. This allows to localize the radio without delay.
Customized version
Today's requirements are very versatile: In order to support different applications, we offer adaptations based on the following modules:
  • 5 ton signalling
  • Train shunting
  • Communication with external units (Bluetooth, etc.)
ManDown Version
The man down version is used to send emergency messages:
  • Man-Down-Alarm with pre alarm
  • No movement alarm
  • Manual alarm
  • Lone worker alarm
  • External alarm via button
The following messages may be sent on alarm:
  • Motorola Alarm Message.
  • TX monitoring.
  • SDS message with GPS, distance and direction information.
  • Remote telemetry steering.
  • Play prerecorded wav files.
  • Localization sounds.
  • K-TERM alarm message to base.
Every alarm functionality is selectable per channel.
Compatibility to K-TERM 42
The K-TERM 44 option board is comptible to the older K-TERM42 option board (DP/ DM3xxx).
The radios provide a mounting space for the option board. The required mounting material like screws and flex cable is supplied with the option board.
The K-TERM CPS program is required in order to configure the functionalities of the option board. Once the option board is installed, the Motorola programming cable is used to connect the option board with the K-TERM CPS program.
Related products
The following products may be used in a system together
with the K-TERM 44 option board:
  • K-TERM 72 Beacon for in-house localization.
  • K-TERM 82 IO Box ffor telemetry and IO applications.
DP440x, DP460X, DP480x (e)
K-TERM44 5Ton Option Board
K-TERM44 5Ton & Mandown Option Board
K-TERM44 Mandown Option Board
K-TERM44 Beacon 868.35 & Mandown
K-TERM 44 5Ton Option Board
K-TERM 44 5Ton & Mandown Option Board
K-TERM 44 Mandown Option Board
K-TERM 44 Beacon 868.35 MHz & Mandown
DM440x, DM460x (e)
K-TERM 44 5Ton Option Board
K-TERM 44 Beacon 868.35MHz

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