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For Motorola professional radio systems we develop additional products and customized solutions. As a long-standing Motorola Application Partner (Authorized Application Provider), we can provide functions that go far beyond the standard functions of radios.
Our products
  • K-TERM 44 Option Board
  • K-TERM 82 IO Box
  • Software on Motorola Generic Option Board
Based on Motorola devices
  • Portable devices DP4xxx(e), DP3441(e), DP3661(e)
  • Portable devices DP4801EX, (Software für Generic Option Board)
  • Mobile devices DM4xxx(e)
Our solutions
  • 5-tone alarm, ManDown.
  • In-house localization with ISM beacons for security applications.
  • Personal protection.
  • Railway radio solutions / shunting radio.
  • Alarm detection and forwarding.
  • Customer-specific solutions
Our products are sold exclusively through Motorola dealers. A list of our partners can be found here:
If you are an authorized Motorola dealer or distributor and would like to use our products, please send us your inquiry using the contact form.
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